About The University

Welcome to the Kingdom University website. The Kingdom University is one of the first and most popular private higher education institutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with a total enrolment of over 1,000 students in 2008. The University offers programmes leading to Bachelor's degrees and Master's degrees. KU is a growing, future-focused university that continually adopts programmes and teaching methods to prepare today's students for tomorrow's careers. Bachelor's degree requirements include a solid academic major curriculum combined with work experience (industrial training).

About EduGate

Edugate is a system composed of several services for visitors to the gate and the students and teachers. It eases dealin with the academic system of the University and provides as much information to its users, while ensuring the validity and accuracy of information and updated directly.Edugate works in both Arabic and English, smooth and can be used by everyone, thus decreases headache in the University departments and saves time and effort.

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